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Build on local graffiti culture, dating back to 1984


Næstved Kunstby is the result of a unique and self-organized graffiti tradition, which for more than

30 years has granted Næstved a special status within international graffiti and hip-hop culture.

Hip hop and graffiti culture came to Europe and to Næstved more than 30 years ago. Since that time the city has continuously

had several unofficial street galleries.  For this reason Næstved has always had a regular flow of visiting graffiti artists from all over the world.

Næstved has an unofficial and very unique place in Hip hop history because many of the local artists have stayed here and helped each

other build and develop the culture. For the general public, the culture has remained invisible for the most part. However once in a while

it surfaces in the streets or on a stage in a professional presentation for all to witness and enjoy, only to then find its way back into the

studios again where the crafts of the culture and skills of the artists can continue to be fine tuned and developed.

International graffiti culture


All the works belonging to Næstved Kunstby are made by an array of international artists selected and curated because of their focused

efforts and commitment to graffiti culture.

Each artist belonging to Næstved Kunstby comes from the graffiti culture and plying their skills in the streets was always part of growing up.

Their learning and development came from hours of dedication in the streets or by the railroad tracks as opposed to training in art schools

and professional environments. Subsequently, they now do more than just create works of art.  They all actively contribute to the culture of

hip hop and both inspire and educate young talents worldwide. This was also a driving force behind their agreeing to participate in this project.

This is the amazing, untold story on which Næstved Kunstby is built. None of it would have been possible without this network, the graffiti,

the graffiti artists themselves and plenty of initiative.

Go for a walk around Næstved and experience this wonderful city and enjoy the murals carefully integrated in the city scape.

Some murals will disappear and new ones will be added, continuously.

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